“For flooring jobs big and small, we do them all.”

Whether it's the finishing touch of new baseboards or a repair to a damaged floor, you can rest assured it will be done right. We have qualified installers to meet all your needs. Installation and repairs along with free estimates, maintenance tips and friendly advice are all part of our services.

Hardwood Etc serves the Greater Edmonton area, please look to us to fulfill your project needs. We specialize in:

  1. Professional Installations
  2. Floor Repairs (from $500)
  3. In Home Measures
  4. Estimates for Retail, Residential
  5. Cleaning & Maintenance

As a store that relies on word of mouth as it's primary marketing tool we want to work for you regardless of the amount of work that you require. A job well done, big or small, speaks volumes to everyone who sees it. If you are looking for a Hardwood, Laminate, Tile, and Vinyl project or any variation that each product allows, we can do it for your new home or renovation project.

We're much more than a store that just supplies flooring products. Our ideals of Quality, Service, and Price extends into our contractors who install our products as well. These are individuals dedicated to doing their best on any job, Hardwood Etc. is proud to have them.

We do new homes, but where we shine is with renovation projects because of the challenges involved with them. A beautiful end product that will be a lasting piece of work is not possible with out a sturdy foundation. Renovation projects are fraught with the dynamics of an aging house, damaging elements, or even work of previous contractors to hinder the final outcome of your project. Our installers have the knowledge to see any problems that will affect the jobs outcome and have the skills to remedy anything that exists between you and a beautifully finished job.


The owners and staff at Hardwood Etc. are well versed in all areas of the flooring industry. We are happy to share our knowledge, expertise and ideas with clients in order to help them make an informed decision.


We work with the client to ensure all their questions and concerns are addressed. Once the size of the project has been determined, we will prepare an itemized estimate to include product chosen, square footage needed, jobsite preparation required and cost of each item.


With in house installers it allows us to offer installation on all our flooring products as well as an installation guarantee. Whether it's Hardwood, Tile, Laminate or Vinyl Tile/Plank , you can count on their professional attitude and work ethic. Open communication with our installers on a daily basis ensures the successful completion of the job and satisfaction for the client. In essence, before we install any product, we will ensure the underlying structure will meet the requirements for a long lasting fully warranted floor.


Our showroom features woods from around the world in both solid and engineered. From domestic to exotic you will see how grains in each species can change the appearance, colour and character of each wood. We also have a large selection of laminate, tile and vinyl to choose from.


Can't decide what will look best in your home. Select the samples you like then take them home. This will help you choose the product that will compliment your personal style and décor.

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